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Jewel Amethyst’s “A Marriage of Convenience” December 29, 2009


 This story has many of the things I adore.

 1. Men with accents.  Strike that.  Men with sexy accents.  Good looking men with sexy accents.

 2. Smart men.  Kwabena, our hero, is a sexy Ghanaian scientist.  *Swoon*

 3.  A marriage of convenience.  I will read just about anything that features two people forced to marry (or pretend to be a couple), only to find that they have actually been in love all along.

 4. The shoes on that cover are to die for.

 The Amazon reviews were great.  My cyberspace romance pals dug it.  I was sold.

I have to say, Amethyst works hard to give us a sympathetic heroine.  Tammy is smart, she works hard, and wants only someone to love her and all the curves of her full figure.  When she is jilted by a con artist, leaving her with a broken heart and a huge amount of debt, we feel for her.  I know I did.  She really did seem devastated.

She spends the rest of the book, though, crazy crazy whiny.  The reason Tammy marries Kwabena is because she’s lost her job and is drowning in the financial mess created when her con-artist fiance leaves her at the altar.  In short, she can’t afford the mortgage on the McMansion she bought to share with her new husband.  The obvious answer is to sell the house, move in to a smaller place and put your life back together.  But Tammy just can’t do it.  So, instead, she whines and whines until she marries and then falls in love with Ben.  We could also talk about the fact that Ben is breaking the law by marrying for a green card and could actually have easily stayed in the country through other means (no spoilers), but that would be looking too closely at what is always, even in the hands of a great writer, a flimsy plot.

I like my heroines feisty and funny and competent.  Tammy is none of these.  She’s someone who needs to be rescued and that was a total turn off for me, though it seemed to be a turn on for Ben (and that fact actually makes him a little less sexy, even with the accent).

This book didn’t annoy me like Byrd’s.  Queen of His Heart annoyed me because I think Byrd probably had a better book inside her (and I’m eager to find out if she does–anyone with Byrd recommendations, please let me know).  No, this book gets a C from me because, while well-written (I finished it), I just couldn’t fall in love with the heroine.  Which is a shame, because I really do love a good forced marriage story.

Grade: C